The most FUN EPIC AMAZING MEMORABLE weddings in Central Oregon!

Amenities Include

Sable Rock Manor. In Sunriver. At Caldera Springs…

So many photo ops it’s ridiculous.

And Sable Rock Manor sits centered on Sable Rock Park which features a beautifully manicured green space lined with Ponderosa pines. It has a walking path on the far side with a seasonal creek that connects to two lush ponds at each end of the park.

Not only does the entire house at Sable Rock Manor make for an amazing photo shoot… Here are a few of our favorite photography shots in the area:

  • Over the Lake
  • Fire Pits at the Lake
  • Ponds at Sable Rock Park
  • Multiple Bridges in Caldera Springs
  • The forest around Sable Rock Park
  • Local waterfalls
  • Anyplace with a view of the mountains

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